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Forbidden Planet Retail Stores
There are many stores dealing in SF, fantasy and comic books called Forbidden Planet.
You can find a variety of projects that I've worked on.
It's not much of a page, but it's there if you want a few links and pictures of everyone's favorite little android.
David's Silly Little XMas Page
Don't ask me why I made it a few Christmases back. I think too many Hallmark ornaments drove me over the edge.

Computing Links

General Computing 
Macintosh Info

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Some Places to Visit

MIT & MacGregor
In a different life, I lived in a part of the MIT dorm MacGregor called E-Entry. Browse the MacGregor House Homepage for dorm news, activities and other information. Before the school had its own official web site, members of SIPB had their own for everyone's enjoyment.
MIT Media Lab
I did my Advanced Undergraduate Project at the Media Lab with the Autonomous Agents Group. Take a look at what other amazing things are going on there.
Lego Information
Some of my first toys were Legos, I still play with them-- if you can call doing things like 6.270 playing with them. :)
Emulation Net
The best place to find out about emulators available on the Macintosh platform. You can relive the good ol' days with C64, 6502 based arcade games, MSX and even Intel PCs.
The Virtual Hospital(TM)
I found out about this place when I was watching Apple Computer's World Wide Developer Conference video transcripts. It's cool. It's growing. It's located in Iowa! --which I'm afraid will forever have some sort of significance to me ;-]
Rei's Home Page
Eri's home page is very cool and filled with pictures and links to places that every Web explorer should visit.
The Exploratorium Online
When I was a little kid, my family and I drove an hour to go see The Exploratorium. Fifteen years later, it's still just as fun. Now, it's just a click away.

Education Resources

  • NetDay96
  • Web66
    "The Web66 project is designed to facilitate the introduction of this technology into K12 schools."
  • Cool School Tools
    All kinds of goodies.
  • Some web documentation near by

  • Netscape DevEdge Library
  • HTML @ W3C
  • Introduction to HTML
  • CERN's Virtual Libraries
  • Style Sheets