Hobbies and Interests


You can see my various toys, games and other collections at Micurio. Micurio is a “show and tell” site where anyone can post their collectables for viewing.


GunbusterFull Metal AlchemistRanma 1/2
I was exposed to to the likes of Battle of the Planets and Star Blazers when I was relatively small. I then spent my formative years at conventions where they anime was shown on a small TV and all we had was a short paragraph synopsis to cover two hours of all Japanese dialog. And we loved it like that! Try it. You’ll love it too!

Science Fiction / Fantasy

Star TrekBattlestar Galactica


Years of childhood spent watching Nova, dreaming of going into space and enjoying way too many Star Trek Original Series episodes after school lead me to love SF and Fantasy. Most of my weekly fill comes in TV or movies but I occassionally try to read a book.

Art and Its History!

Degas' Dance Class
At the end of high school I took a class in art history. The teacher and the class was alright, but after the AP test I walked away thinking “art… wow…” and decided to find out more and more about it. If you have a similar interest you might might want to check out the Austrialian National Univerity and the National Gallery of Australia, the Impressionist Collection at the University of Vermont, the Krannert Art Museum, 911 Gallery, Le WebLouvre, Paris tour, or the Strange Interactions exhibit. Cindy Sherman Art Talks with Cindy Sherman There are many museums of modern art but there is only one MoMA. Unfortunately, New York is quite a ways distant, so there’s always the next best thing: SFMOMA. The Yerba Buena Gardens has hosted some great exhibits including Star Wars and Japanese animation related showings.


I’ve been collecting comic books for as long as I could turn a page and most important of the thousands that lie boxed in my house are the ones about Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man, The Spectacular Spider-Man, The Sensational Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Man Chapter One, and the discontinued Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man and original Marvel Team-Up comics.

Spider-Man is a giant, nearly 40 year old soap opera where people fall in and out of love, come into riches and just as quickly lose all they have, must solve a variety of problems (like how to stop super-villians from stomping all over Manhattan) and even occasionally die (by natural causes if they’re lucky, by strange androids / clones / energy-beams / mutated-relatives / international crime organizations if they’re not).

What else could one want?
For more about ol’ Web Head, check out the Marvel Comics web site. Also around is the very comprehensive Spider-Man site SpiderFan.org.