Producers / Distributors

  • AnimEigo Home Page
    The producers of subtitled versions of BGC, Urusei Yatsura and
    Oh My Goddess! have online catalogs and news.
  • Anime International Co.

    Distributor for titles from Pioneer and other companies.

  • Central Park Media
    Parent company of U.S. Manga Corps and Anime 18.
  • GAINAX Web Site
    The makers of some of the best animation have their own home on the
    web. Japanese and
    English menus are available.
  • Manga Video
    Producers of subbed and dubbed Anime.
  • Pioneer Entertainment USA

    Moldiver, Tenchi Muyo, Green Legend Ran and El Hazard are just a few
    titles from this source of fine laserdiscs and videos.

  • Viz Communications, Inc.
    Producers of tranzlated manga and anime and the magazing Animerica.
  • The Right Stuf International
    Distributors of video tape release of Astro Boy and others. Also a
    general retail outlet with a huge selection.
  • Streamline Pictures
    After leaving Harmony Gold, Carl Macek went on to found Streamline,
    which has gone on to bring anime such as Akira, Eight Man After, Fist of
    the Northstar, and others to video and laserdisc.
  • White Radish
    White Radish is small California studio producing a variety of
    original animations and multimedia products.


    “Your ultimate resource for Anime on the Internet, coming on
    November 1, 1997!”
  • Anime Crash
    Anime videos, LDs, CDs, manga, Hong Kong video imports, toys and
    model supplies.
  • Anime Lane
    Cells and dolls for less.
  • Anime Otaku
    Primarily deals with NTSC videos but also has a good collection of t-shirts,
    posters and other items.
  • Anime and Manga Mall of North America and Japan
    Specializing in anime related companies on the Web.
  • AnimeNation
    “Your ultimate source on the Internet for japanese animation.” Nicely
    categorized with VHS tapes, LDs, CD-ROMs, cells and lots more. Secure
    connections for online ordering and 10% off retail prices.
  • Anime Plus

    Sourthern California based store with videos, books, garage kits and
    everything in between! Can order over the web.

  • Cyber Anime Shop

    A wide selection of anime related model kits, CDs and videos to order via e-mail or fax.

  • Greentea’s Anime & Manga Agency in Tokyo
    Order books, magazines, toys and CD-ROMs direct from Japan. Wholesale
    bulk orders or individual items can be purchased.
  • J-LIST
    The Japan List is an online store featuring CD ROMs, adult magazines,
    manga, shashinshus, some JPOP and much more.
  • Little Miss X’s Hot Manga

    H Manga Site. Uncensored and definately not for kids.

  • Net Venture’s Anime Archive
    Features previews of videos.
  • Phantasy Central

    A retail store in Spring Lake, North Carolina with “the largest selection
    of anime in NC” ready to be mail ordered.

  • The Super Collector Anime Index

    Anime, Star Trek, Star Wars, CD’s, laserdiscs, games, videos…
    they’re not just a collector. They’re The Super Collector!


  • The Anime Hyperguide

    “The Anime Hyperguide[tm] is a quarterly CD-ROM series all about Anime!
    Each volume is a complete guide to a particular Anime film.” Website contains
    add-ons to the CD-ROM and goodies to download.

  • Anime Madness
    Matthew Johnston Games’ collectable card game featuring Bubblegum Crisis,
    Bubblegum Crash, AD Police Files, Riding Bean, Genesis Survivor Gaiarth,
    and Scramble Wars.
  • Otaku Publishing
    Sells a wide variety of Manga, Anime and Japan related items and specializes
    in the conversion of Japanese CD-ROM titles for the European market.
  • Sakura Soft
    Sakura Soft produces anime RPG style multimedia games. Some products not suitable for all ages.
  • Software Sculptors
    Software Sculptors has released the Anime Screens Savers of Ranma 1/2,
    Bubble Gum Crisis and Project A-Ko and is going to be adding Tenchi Muyo
    before years end. They also carry a video line which including Zenki, Miku
    and “The Slayers”.