Online Collections, Links and General Resource Sites

  • Anime Access

    “Your Personal Anime Treasure Chest” with video reviews and release dates, art
    galleries and info about Software Sculptors’ Anime screen savers.

  • The Anime Web Turnpike
    Whew! Sources of Anime info on the Internet keep getting bigger and bigger! The Turnpike is complete and clean to look at!

  • Manga Mall
    Includes images and short descriptions for a number of anime series, general anime & manga info plus a hentai image gallery.

  • Masato’s Anime-Manga-Launchbase
    Huge number of links to image galleries, FTP sites, hundreds of fan pages, series specific info, commercial sites and much more.

    Comics and Anime at Spies.Com.


Anime Club Directory – Listing by Location
Anime Club Directory – Detailed by Club

Collegite Clubs


Non-Commercial Subtitling & Dubbing

  • Fan Subtitlers List
    Hypertext listing of some of the major fansubber organizations.

  • Artic Animation
    Dozens of titles including Maison Ikkoku, City Hunter and Orange Road.

  • Dark Ops.
    Fill out a short questionairre to become a member.

  • Nexus Studios
    A selection of titles including Gundam 0080, Greenwood and Touch movies.

  • Psycho KORps
    Anime music videos and the Irresponsible Captain Tylor among others.

  • Sherbert Production’s Home Page
    Dirty Pair Does Dallas, Ranma 1/2: Summer Vacation and Ninja Team
    Gatchaman (Part 1): 7-Zark-7 Must Die came from this So. CA parody
    dub group.

  • Wave/Pyxis
    “…an independant producer who produces subtitled work for the main Arctic Group.”

  • zero productions
    The Zero Productions page offers information for fans of the Zero
    Productions fan re-dub anime videos. It has plots, song lyrics, and
    upcoming conventions with dates/times of Zero showings.