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My own collection and interests!

GB LogoAim for the Top! Page

I think that the Gunbuster OAV is simply great! Take a look at my growing
page of images, sounds and other
Gunbuster treats!

Tetsuwan AtomAstro Boy Page

I once had big plans to do my own Astro Boy page. Unfortunately other things
came up. At least you can enjoy a few screen shots!

Local documents

Here is my own collection of articles.

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While I might have dozens of megabytes of Anime and Manga images on the
computer in my room, I have only a couple of them here on my account. Here
they are.

Bay Area Image
Anime in the Bay Area

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. If I got out more, I’d be able to list
some great anime clubs and related stores like No-Name Anime, Kimono My House,
and conventions like Anime America. But since I don’t get out too much,
there isn’t much here right now.

  • Tenchi Muyo! In Love

    The 35mm Tenchi Muyo! In Love is premiered in San Jose last year.

  • Anime America ’96
    AnAm is an annual anime convention currently hosted in my home
    town of San Jose.

  • No-Name Anime
    A South San Francisco Bay club supporting local Anime conventions and
    a variety of activities during their monthly meetings.

Anime at MIT

Anime is alive and thriving at MIT! Check out the official and all new
MIT Anime
Web Site
with graphical listings of club showings.

Show schedules, library information and general info can be found at
this site along with HTML versions of many documents. These links also
provide a way to access the MIT Anime Locker containing online synopsies,
stories, and even more Anime info.

“The small, liberal arts school up the
has its own Anime
After you’ve browsed through MIT’s selection of Anime, be sure to stop by
before you leave Boston! 🙂

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