Information on Japan

You’ve discovered Anime and Manga. You think it’s the greatest thing since man learned to make fire.
What now? Learn about Japan of course!

Other Imports from Japan

Anime and Manga not enough for you? Looking for something else from the
western side of the Pacific? Take a look at these other areas:

  • Mel’s Godzilla

    Tons of online information on the King of the Monsters
    and his friends and foes.

  • Guyferd
    Home Page

    In Japanese.


    Lots of info in the various incarnations of this live action hero.
    Also available in

  • Sentai Home Page

    Japanese Super Heroes fighting to save the world. Discover the
    original incarnations of the Power Rangers and the Masked

  • Shodouka
    You’ve begun browsing dozens of Japanese pages, but because you don’t
    have space for 12MB of fonts, can’t afford the Japanese Language Kit or have
    no interest in Windows-J, all of them contain funky symbols.
    Let Shodouka replace Japanese text encoding with Kanji graphics in
    real time!

  • Ted Terranova’s Robot Home Page New Item!
    A most impressive collection of Shogun Warriors from Japan and
    Mattel, GoDaikin robots from Bandai and other mecha from a time when
    die cast metal reigned supreme.

  • Tokusatsu

    Dedicated to special effects shows including the Ultraman series,
    Kamen Rider incarnations, super hero teams, metal fighters and many
    more. Contains graphics, show listings and links to other sites.

  • Ultraman
    • Ultraman
      Home Page

      The super Ultra-hero FAQ page! Answers who they are, what they’ve
      done and where you can find some Ultra-merchanise.

    • Ultraman Zearth Home

      Site for the movie that celebrates the 30th anniversary of the
      Ultraman series.
  • Zyuranger Home

    Home to info on Dinosaur Sentai Zyuranger, later adapted for the US
    market and known by most Americans as The Mighty Morphin’ Power
    . Pleanty of character info, mechanics guides and episode

Related American Items

There are many fields which aren’t dedicated to Anime and Manga but often
include them.

  • The Sci-Fi Channel will soon show
    Anime on a regular basis. Check out The
    for the latest programming to see if any Anime is scheduled for the
    coming month.

  • The Cartoon Network shows “Japanimation” on a re-occuring basis.
    Their online presence is currently on
    America Online
    and you can reach them at
    . While you might not like the most recent incarnation of
    Gatchaman in the form of G-Force, The Cartoon Network does have
    some neat American cartoons like The Powerpuff

  • fps: The Magazine of
    Animation on Film and Video
    covers animation in all of its forms.
    fps’ now quarterly publication covers the latest productions, the
    latest technology and the latest anime! They also have a long list of
    animation resources.

  • Animation World Network is an online version of
    Animation World Magazine. Lots of articles, news and info including web and
    Acrobat versions of their printed mag.

  • MTV has produced some strange
    (and usually quite cool) animation. You can sample some of their work in a
    variety of formats at the
    MTV’s Animation
    , featuring Aeon Flux and
    The Maxx.

  • Galactic Patrol 

    The anime movie and series Lensman was liberally based on E.E. “Doc”
    Smith’s pulp science fiction series of the same name.

  • As Robotech burst out in America in the mid-80’s, Topps Cards managed to
    work in a variation of the Macross Armored Valkyrie into their line of Garbage Pail Kids cards.


Music may really be the universal language!

  • Alpha Team's Speed

    A few years back Alpha Team released a dance hit titled “Speed” which
    used audio clips from Speed Racer.

  • The Hated Urusei Yatsura

    I don’t know if the UK group The Hated Urusei Yatsura has anything to do
    with the anime series, but I thought it was too much of a coincidence if
    it didn’t. To be honest, they seem to be a rather normal grunge-ish
    sort of band with one of the member’s last name being Yatsura.