FP Links


  • Internet Movie Database Entry
    Forbidden Planet detailed movie information.
  • The Tempest
    Read the source for FP’s plot.
  • Forbidden Planet Essay [defunct]
    Charles Tashiro’s view of why FP is better than the average, sub-average ’50s SF movies.
  • Retrospective: Forbidden Planet
    Andrew Hick’s view of why FP should be forbidden on this planet.
  • Sci-Fi Channel’s Review
  • Sci-Fi Channel’s FP Discussion Thread
    Somewhat empty. If you have some thoughts on the movie, here’s a place to post them.
  • Anne Francis’ Official Site
    Get the latest on Ms. Francis’ current thoughts and activities or purchase collectables at her own site.
  • Fred Barton’s Robby the Robot
    If you’ve got the money, you can own your own life size Robby the Robot! If you don’t quite have that cash, you can settle for just a short rental.
  • Canadian Shakespeareans in Space
    A good read including descriptions of the connections between The Tempest and FP as well as with Serenity.
  • Interviews with the Cast of “Forbidden Planet”
    Earl Holliman and Anne Francis relate the memories on the 50th anniversary.
  • Hollywood Stock Exchange Listing [delisted?]
    Yes, Forbidden Planet is listed on HSX. Pretty cheap too!

Other Forbidden Planets

  • Forbidden-Planet.Com
    From the InterNic info, apparently the future site of Forbidden Planet Comics and Games.
  • Reviews from the Forbidden Planet
    Reviews of recent comic books.
  • Forbidden Planet Zine [defunct]
    “Music, Science Fiction, and a plan to take over your planet.”
  • The Last Wave: Forbidden Planet
    A variety of odd links not for the squeemish.