In Print


  • Animecca
    A great website featuring anime reviews, interviews and events coverage.

  • Anime Magic and Anime Crossroads
    The Anime Magic family of newsletters, G Gundam and Macross 7 info and a picture gallery just for starters.

  • The Anime Review
    Japanese Animation reviews, opinions and stories. Submissions to any of these categories are welcomed and thrived upon!

  • EX

    The Online World of Anime and Manga.

  • Raw NY’s Anime Section
    “New York City’s coolest digital magazine” presents an area for Anime news and reviews.

  • 3WA
    The World Wide Web Anime Magazine. Video and CD reviews plus international
    anime news.


  • Animato! Magazine
    Animato! Magazine
    17 Spruce Street
    Springfield, MA 01105

  • Animerica – Anime & Manga Monthly
    Viz Communications, Inc.
    P.O. Box 7701
    San Francisco, CA 94107

    Generally takes the short but many approach to its articles and reviews. Its
    multiperson reviews of new releases as well as an iconic system for quickly
    identifying anime content are great.

  • Anime UK – Japanese Animation . Comics . SFX . Pop Culture
    Anime UK Magazine
    3rd Floor
    70 Mortimer Street
    London W1N 7DF

    Covers a generally more global view of anime along with inclusion of Japanese
    pop culture and Japanese SFX (sentai) shows.

  • Manga Mania
    UK & EIRE Only:

    Manga Publishing Subscriptions
    120-126 Lavender Avenue
    Surrey CR4 3HP

    UK mag from Manga Publishing. Filled with anime, comic strips, Eastern action flicks, cult movies and even some manga news.

  • Mecha Press – The Anime Model and Game Magazine
    5000 D’lberville St.
    Suite #332
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2H 2S6

    Here’s your magazine if you want to handle anime and manga related RPG’s.

  • Protoculture Addicts
    5000 D’lberville St.
    Suite #332
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2H 2S6

  • V.Max – The Anime & Manga Journal
    R. Talsorian Games
    P.O. Box 7356
    Berkeley, CA 94707

    Gears towards longer articles and profiles as well as tying anime into the
    publisher’s Mekton gaming system. Also covers some videos games and model