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Usenet Newsgroups

Once upon a time, much of Anime activity was concentrated in the Usenet Newsgroups. Of course today people check in on their favorite sites and forums. Not all
newsgroups are available from all Internet service providers.

UUEncoded or MIMEd versions of your favorite Anime characters and mecha.

Not Pris from Blade Runner but Priss from BGC!

Discuss the classic Bubble Gum Crisis series.

All purpose Macross series discussion.

A group for the Rumiko Takahashi, creator of Ranma 1/2 and countless other

Prepare yourself for its American onslaught! Read about Sailor Moon now!


Another group to talk about Japanese comics.

Macross series TV shows.

The newsgroup about the series that launched a new generation into Anime.

Boston University Anime Group’s newsgroup.


Anime from where it was created.


Manga from where it was created.


Anime discussions in French.

National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan Anime Club.


The former main source of Anime related discussions.
Superceded by other newsgroups.


For stories involving your favorite characters.


For “important issues concerning Japanese animation fans.”

From video to role playing, it’s here!

Moderated group usually containing announcements, con reports and other


Buy, sell or trade your favorite Anime and Manga toys, movies, books, etc.


For everything else anime.


Models scale, vinyl and super-deformed!

The joy of anime for your ears.


Formerly the place for fan fiction!
Superceded by rec.arts.anime.creative.


Discuss Japanese comics.

Don’t just watch robots and mobile suited humans on TV, create your own


When Anime is a really important part of your life.

University of Illinois at Urbana Anime info.

University of California at Berkeley’s Anime group info.

University of California at Davis’ anime group info.

Internet Relay Chat: Anime!

This document
explains some basics of the irc channel #Anime!.
There also exists The
#Anime! Home page
with info about the more promenent #Anime!


AnimeMUCK allows
a person to become their favorite Anime character and adventure with others.
Check out An
Introduction to MU*s
if you’re a newbie or just want to learn more about
interactive multi-user computer games.

Computers & Video Games

Maybe not quite as interactive as you would like, computers are still
a source of interesting anime fun!


Board Games, RPGs, Customizable Card Games, and the like.