It’s 2016 so I switched to Twenty Sixteen

After 3 years I decided to dust off my blog and freshen up the look and feel.

Wading through a ton (or maybe metric tonne) of themes didn’t convince me to spend a few dollars on a commercial theme and I found myself indecisive on some of the free ones. So, I went with the stock WP theme for this year, Twenty Sixteen. It’s fine though a bit plain in it’s current form. That’s probably better if I ever decide to start posting some professional blogs.

While I was at it, I added some plugins and widgets:

There’s a nifty Flickr Badges Widget, though I think the pictures there are several years old. I’ve started to relocate pics from a pair hosting service over to Flickr and while my albums are getting organized, the photo stream itself is somewhat random as far as when the pictures were taken. New pics from public events will show up eventually.

I also installed the standard WP caching tool. Since I’ve been dealing with WordPress at work, my knowledge of caching options and behavior in WordPress has grown. This makes me wonder if my hosting provider has opcache enabled by default? … I checked and it looks like it’s disabled. Maybe I should consider database object caching as an alternative…

That’s all for now. We’ll see if this year–after more than 20 years of maintaining a personal website–will be the year I start making regular posts.

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