PowerBook Duo Memories

My first laptop was a PowerBook Duo. When I got it while I was in college and dabbling with a Newton 110. After living with no backlighting and problematic handwriting recognition, I decided that a laptop would be more productive than a PDA. Still, I didn’t really need one and I’m not sure why I even thought to bring it up to my parents who were gracious enough to help me buy it. I didn’t use it that much but I do have some great memories of Duo… I created my first complete set of Gunbuster web pages on it while down in L.A. for a week and the following year I brought it and a QuickTake to Anime America ’96.

I decided recently that I needed to recapture some of those memories by adding a Duo to household. You can read more about my PowerBook Duo 2300c auction win on my blog at RetroMacCast.

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